Resealing Exo Terra tank upon arrival

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I heard your supposed to reseal the exo's. I was just wondering if its ok to put a another seal over the one it came with or if I am going to have to take the old stuff out first? Tank arrived in one whole piece except for a little cip at the top of one of the doors but im not gonna make a fuss lol. If anyone has done any resealing lemme know what is necessary and thanks! Dan
I've always read that silicone doesn't adhere to other silicone, but I just went over mine around the bottom and up a few inches in the corners and it has held up for a few years now with no issues.
Scott Bryant
Ok im gonna do the same then thanks. Did you use no seeum screen for the front vent or did ya just seal that up too?
Yeah, I took the front vent apart and put the no seeum in there. For the top, I made a vent for the front and glass for the rest. Bad pic, but you can get an idea from this.

[Image: IMG_2940.jpg]
Scott Bryant

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