Rosy Boas

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Well me and my gf's friend are going to be fixing up the dart frog viv next month were going to have fun with that but in the mean time i had this ten gallon aquarium i put a lizard i found outside in one day. The lizard wouldn't eat so i released it. I had a undertank heater and substrate that has really never used in it. I figured maybe i would put a rosy boa inside the cage now. Does anyone know any rosy breeders online I CANNOT FIND ONE the ones I did find were either over priced.... Witch i really didn't mind but they were out of stock. Any suggestions?
Most people on here dont know what to do with a reptile without legs. Smile I have a friend in Houston that might know I will ask him.

What about I've never looked for snakes on there, but they seem to have everything else.
hmmm intresting

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