Rust on Screen top

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Hi, the lid for my terrarium is made of screen. I put glass sitting on top of the screen lid to keep the humidity in. Water drops have been collecting on the bottom of the lid and causing rust on the screen. Can this hurt my frogs? Thank You
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Interesting question - would you drink rusty water?

Unless someone else voices a different opinion, I think I'd redo the top and replace the screen with glass. There may be some how to's on YouTube if you need assistance -

What size tank do you have?
Just like some automobiles rust really fast and other do not seem to rust at go all metal screens. I've had some Exoterras and Zoo meds that don't rust at all after 5 years and others that do, a little quicker. All depends on the composition of the metal for that particular batch / order / year of screen production, ect.

I would not worry. I would not want rust to steadily drip into a tadpole pool or onto a cocohut ect, but a little oxidation here and there is no biggie IMO.

Now if you have a mistking nozzle pointed right at the screen spot and that rusty portion is getting sprayed every day or so.....I'd change it up so the water was not constantly hitting that screen spot.

But....if it really starts to bother you....change out the screen and replace with siliconed fitted glass. I still say, no rush / no worry.

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Thank you very much. By the way my Chocolate Leucomelas are growing and I'm starting to think I have 2 females and 1 male.
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I kinda wonder if exo changed where they got the screens from. My newer tanks seem to rust quicker, while my older ones seem fine? Just an observation.
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Dunno...there's no way to track it that I know of, but there does seem to be differences.....

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