SCADS 4/23/11

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There is a Southern California meeting April 23rd in the evening in Beaumont Ca @ Brians D house. PM me with any questions.
"OK, after talking with some people and checking me and my wife's schedules it looks like April 23rd will be the best date for me if I'm going to host this time around. If everyone thinks this will work let's mark it on our calendars. PM me for info. Anyone is welcome to bring snacks, drinks or beer of coarse. Let me know if this date will work.

Brian "

I will be bringing:


I am offering a few frogs for SCADS meeting special pricing:

1) F1 Yellow Guyana Leucs (nonbanded): Group of 5 for 200- (3 grps available), normally 55 each. (Parents 1st picture, respresentative offspring 2nd photo)
-This is a newer morph in the hobby. In an effort to get this newer leuc morph established in the hobby I am offering a group of 5 (+3 months). This morph is larger than the nominant form. Their clutches range from 3-5 eggs. The eggs are also larger than the nominant form.

2) F2 Banded leucs: 55- each (normally 65-). Group of 5 for 250- (2 grps available)
-representative offspring 3rd photo
3) F2 Nikita tincs: 55- each (normally 65-). 7 available, will do a group of 5 for 250-.
-pictures available upon request (pm or email)

Also have some odd and ends available:

1) proven male el dorado wc: 150-
2) Female Cobalts WC: 100 each or 150 for both.
3) Azureus young probable pair (nabors line): 175-
4) Bakuis trio: looks to be 2.1.0 (female is proven): 275-

-Plants available in 4" pots: 10 Each or 3/20-

1) Dorstenia Turnerifolia: Leaves up to 7" in mature plants. Grows 12-18" tall. Has a unique flower that turns purple in bright light. (images 5 and 6 of mature plant)
2) Anthurium Scandens (or similar species): A lower growing anthurium, great for tanks 18" or taller. (image #4 of mature plant)
3) Peperomia 'Watermelon' mini

-also some misc peperomia and vine type cuttings

-Well started white tropical springtail cultures for 10 each

-A few mini Blue springtail starter cultures for 10 each

PM or email with any questions

Thank You

Jason O'Neal
La Verne Ca 91750
If you can still count the number of frogs you have, you obviously don't have enough.
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