Sad news for the hobby - WIKIRI

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For those of yall who arent aware, WIKIRI is in threat of a major natural disaster and may not bounce back. Here is their statement below.

Dear WIKIRI supporters,

This is to let you know about a special circumstance that requires urgent action from the amphibian pet trade community.

Wikiri, the Ecuadorian leading Latin American enterprise of amphibian bio-commerce that currently supplies amphibians for the legal pet trade has began to pass through difficult times.

Wikiri core facilities (a nearly 4.800 square meters) are located in Quito Ecuador, which has recently became under the threat of a natural disaster. The Cotopaxi volcano, which is located at about 40 km distance as the crow flies from Wikiri has began an eruption process. Severe eruptions occur roughly every 100 years with the most recent major eruption being in 1877.

See the BBC news:

See official updated information on the current volcano activity

According to predictive studies done by volcanologists, our main facilities will be wiped out by lahars (water and mud) from the volcano, after glaciers of the volcano are diluted by the pyroclastics.

Wikiri and our partner Institution Centro Jambatu for Amphibian Research and Conservation must evacuate as soon as possible.

Moving and keeping commercial and endangered frogs to a new site requires further investments. Although we, Wikiri people, are deeply committed to continue with our bio-commerce enterprise, there is not guarantee that it will happen. If economic loses due to the volcano are major, Wikiri might have to either stop or delay its activities, thus the continuous supply of frogs by Wikiri is at risk of being interrupted or stopped for an indefinite amount of time.

Thus we offer up for sale all the frogs currently in stock (all frogs 3 months and older) while conditions remain stable. We urge your continued support by purchasing the following frogs that are currently in stock through your local distributor ASAP.

Agalychnis spurrelli
Hypsiboas picturatus
Gastrotheca riobambae
Epipedobates tricolor (Rio morph)
Epipedobates anthonyi (Isabel morph)
Dendrobates sylvaticus (Paru morph)
Ceratophrys stolzmanni

If the volcano erupts, there is a strong probability that the airport will be closed, and the ability to ship future exportations will not be guaranteed. So, please place your order as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your generous support.
I just heard about this earlier today as well.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
From: Understory Enterprises [email protected]

Subject: "Direct from WIKIRI" September shipment

Dear David,

This email is just a "heads up" that we may have to change the shipment date for the 'Direct from WIKIRI" September shipment. WIKIRI has just informed us that they have been ordered to evacuate their facility because of a threatening volcano eruption. Therefore they need to ship the frogs as soon as possible. If the volcano does erupt, airports will be closed. They have started the process of obtaining permits and as soon as we have any updated time frame, we will let you know. Hopefully receiving your frogs on a different date will not be too much of an inconvenience for you.


i read about this a couple of days ago on one of the facebook forums. hopefully it won't be too bad. can't imagine see my life get "washed" out by the lahars.
Walt is 'on the Facebooks' ?? Truly the beginning of the end.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
this could be the reason for all these natural disasters happening.

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