Seattle Herp show

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Found this online this mornin'. I spose I will need to go window shopping Smile

April 30
Renton, WA
Seattle Metro Reptile Expo, 1715 Maple Valley Hwy. Info: 503-412-8181
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Here's the hard link...

hmmm...I see in their "Forum" links section they have failed to list US - Dart

Shame, shame....

The Vendor list looks good, though, and I bet you will get a lot of of going to this - idea-wise.

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I like to look, and I need a few things to finish up my home, so if they have some good woods or plants, that i can get about the same price without the shipping I would be happy. 20 bux to take the fam almost negates that, but they will get a kick out of it, they did the last time. Wifey actually looked at the snakes.. it was great haha

I almost got out of that herp show with an aussie rainbow boa, but no go.. she loves the frogs tho =D
2.1.0 Cobalt
1.1.0 Aurotaenia

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