Self sustaining food supply?

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I've read a little about springtails and from what I've read it seems feasible to maintain a self sustaining food supply within the frogs environment in a larger vivarium with plenty of leaf litter. Of course varying the diet with semi-frequent additions of fruit flies and newborn crickets would be part of the plan, but it seems this would prevent any forced fasting or starved frogs in the event my FF cultures crashed and the pet store was out of true pinhead crix. Any one tried this? How did it go?
i've released 3, 4oz springtail cultures into my viv and they are constantly multiplying although it seems they sort of stay local to the area where i released them and i also noticed that my smallest d. auratus caught on to that and hangs around where they are. smart little fella. but springtails alone don't seem to be a sufficient source of food i tend to tap about 50 drosophila melanogaster (wingless fruitflies) into the tank about every 2-3 days. i like the wingless not only cause they don't fly but they tend not to climb as much either. i got a 16oz culture from the bug farm for 9.00 worth every penny, for once i have to much food need more frogs.
ouch, 16OZ for 9$? , i sell 32OZ for 6.00$ also blackjungle, and edy flymeat sells 32oz for cheaper

yes i know but it seems that i have never had any crashes or mold or problems with these thats keeps me happy just Know i will always have a ready food supply.
Save money and grow your own flys. I used mason jars for mine that way I could reuse the jars after washing them and boiling them to make sure everything was super clean (mold). Put a very fine mesh on top under the lid. I got Eds fly meat media and was very happy with it. Its alot cheaper than always having to buy them. I would take one culture and break it up into 3 or 4 more. After a few generations you will have to get more because they will go back to full flys that can fly around. I get the Hydei flys becase they are larger, but they take longer to grow, so I also had the melanogaster which grow really fast but are smaller. The springtails are nice for the frogs to have as a supplment but not as the basis of thier diet. I had 7 frogs at one time and had a dozen or so cultures going. You will get in a habit of making them each week or two. I would make new ones when one would not be producing anything. There were times I would flush some flys because I had to many, not a bad place to be.

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