Set-up doing great, still no darts?

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Hello All,

About 5 months ago I constructed a 29 gallon vivarium with a few broms, ivys, ferns, and anubias.Now the tank is doing very well and plants have filled in empty spaces which is great.I havent bought any darts beause I had no time for raising flies or managing springtails.I am currently moving and when i set up at the new place I am thnking now in september to start getting some food for the darts first and possibly going to a show in september to buy some frogs.

Im plantng to keep 2-3 if possible.What do you think will be a good candiate D.Tinc (cobalt) or D.Luecomelas?

Your assitance will be gladly appreciated.
Leucs are one of the best first frogs in my opinion. They can be a little loud though, so if that could be an issue than do not get them.
Auratus are also a great beginner frog.

Tincs are good as well, but they need to be limited to two frogs, as they have a tendency to fight in groups.
im making a 29 gallon viv. to and i would love for you to post pics of your setup beacuse im still looking for ideas Idea
Yea, I would also enjoy pictures of the Viv.
Yea, I would also enjoy pictures of the Viv.
+1 for the pics

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