Setting up a colony

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I would like to set up a colony of frogs, around 6-8. By what I have read, lucs seem to be the most logical choice. I would like to have a mix, but understand the husbandry issuses. I would like to know what other people have expericenced on this topic.

I had a colon of 7. 4 Lucs and 3 yellowbacks in a 30g show tank so it was very long and high but not deep. Make sure it very well planted and good low cover for hidding spots. If you are planing on breeding I would not do it I did have some eating of the eggs from each side and didn't get any tads until I broke them up.
A colony of Ventrimaculatus would be cool. YOu could do like 5 to 7 frogs easy in a 20 H, or go extreme and do like 15 of them in a 75 gallon. As with any colony, make sure you have an ample amount of hiding spots, broms, and other thick plants just to make them feel more comfortable.

Ed Parker
In my experience lucs do well with Auratus , i've had a colony of 7 frogs, 3 lucs and 4 Auratus since they were froglets, and all of them are now subadults, and i've had no problems, so if you want to go with Lucs, and want a mix, i highly suggest Auratus. Also as other stated amply planting is a must have. Good luck.


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