Sherman Tanks email address and questions here

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All I'm finding is a Facebook page for you. Didn't you used to have a regular 'non Satanic' method of getting ahold of ya - olde fashioned weeb page?

I get a few PM's every so often with questions about your fine professional glass enclosures.

Can you post your preferred email address on this thread ? You can spell it out so the bots don't get it with 'dot' and 'at' ect, so no worries.

Your admiring public and eager potential clients await you.

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Hello everyone,

I am a true, custom tank builder located in Western Massachusetts.
I have been building enclosures for reptiles and amphibians for more than twenty years and have developed a skill set that allows me to create some unique and effective enclosures.

I have not thrown my name out too often and have been operating on a "word of mouth" basis, hence no website. The best way to contact me is through my email.


As for stock photos of tanks, I have very few. Pictures of empty glass boxes do not do them any justice. I use the highest quality components I can find, and if they do not meet my standards, I make my own parts. For example, the extruded sliding door track that is commercially available is not up to my standards, so I mill my own out of a superior material to my tighter specifications.

One limiting factor in my abilities has been shipping glass boxes. I have yet to find the perfect solution to get my work across the country in one piece. I am always eager to hear suggestions in this area, so, if you have any thoughts, I would appreciate them.

I have begun working with a new material that has allowed for some shipping success. As time passes and I become more comfortable with this material being a success, I hope to be able to offer shipping more regularly.
Chris Sherman
One big methane burp from the ocean could make everything here obsolete.
Chris, whose tank is that and where is it located, if ya don't mind sayin'

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
That is a tank out in the pacific northwest.
If the owner would like to go into further detail, that up to him (or her).

It was a very special build in collaboration with Planted Glass Boxes from New Orleans. Not only was that monster built in New England and shipped across the country, but P.G.B. flew in and completed the hardscape, plumbing and planting on site.
Chris Sherman
One big methane burp from the ocean could make everything here obsolete.
I'm the lucky and proud owner of this Sherman/Planted Glass Box collabo. It was an absolute pleasure to work with both of these guys to make my dream a reality. The tank would not have become a reality were it not for PGB's push on Chris to go forward with extremely lightweight experimental material/design. It was a monsterous effort 8+ months in the making! Several prototypes were made. In the end, shipping restrictions and my stairs dictated the finished size, which ended up being 90" long x 24" deep x 48" high - 450ish gallons. For extremely large terrariums, Chris Sherman has a game changer with this style of tanks as glass is simply not an option for most because of the shear weight. The glass doors and top were removable making this this a feathery 30ish pounds - maybe less (seriously light). His meticulous nature and attention to detail shows beautifully in his work. He goes over every little painstaking detail until it is perfect. The tank all by itself is a work of art and it was as light as a feather carrying it up my stairs vertically aligned with only 2 people. Maletesta Woodworks in Edmonds, WA made a beautiful custom stand. The other half of the equation was Planted Glass Boxes who orchestrated the finished product, which was absolutely massive in scale. There are five 50 watt floodlight LED's on a timer for 12 hours a day...6 fans blowing into the tank through the vent system on top on a timer that goes on for 5 minutes every hour...Mistking system with 4x quad misting heads on a timer that goes off at various times of the day for 10 seconds...drip wall system driven by a pond pump on a timer that goes off 1 1/2 minutes four times a day to saturate things. PGB found driftwood (it was literally a tree on the Mississippi river bank and several other pieces) and shipped them out to me ahead of time via Greyhound. He used all his contacts to combine an enormous plant order, which he later mounted on the wood, featherock walls and seven 15 lbs bags of flourite gravel. I flew him up from New Orleans and he literally worked around the clock with me as his helper and my buddy Rob Mohr. Rob actually picked him up from the airport and was super helpful throughout the build as he always is...even arranged a visit to the UW greenhouse (they have PDF's!) where he volunteers and got us a bunch of free cuttings! There will be an army of Highland Sirensis or Standard Lamasi performing daily on this stunning stage. I am currently breeding several pairs to stock the tank. I know I'm leaving something out. Thanks again Chris, PGB, plant people and Rob!

Chris had to build a pallet and it was beautifully packaged as expected before shipping it through ABF, which was a very viable cost option considering the scope.

[Image: image.php?album_id=152&image_id=948&mode=thumbnail]
Awesome Dave! You ARE a high roller! When I start my Mansion in Biscayne Bay, I will already have a glass workshop so Chris can take my G7 and come down and get right to work.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Amazing tank David! I hope I get the chance to see it in person.
Dave, I'm speechless, that's incredible!!!!!!!!

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