Shipping darts - Longest time frame ?

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Good morning (at least should be in central U.S.) Guys,

I stumbled across some topics in regards of shipping frogs via FedEx, or whatever else. In my experience shipping bird spiders, and Scolopendra was possible, I even had shipments from Hong Kong, and Malaysia which have been delivered to Hungary within 4 workdays. This is not a big issue for the above mentioned, but what about our beloved frogs? What is the average time when they are still doing fine, and not to risk a DOA shipment?
almost everyone shipps overnight here in the U.S

I, personally, would not feel good about 2 days or more.

Here is a US Importer / exporter that ships overseas :

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks Phil, once again for the fast reply. I'm gathering as much info as I can for a good start. This helps me a lot! Smile

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