Silkworm moths breeding soon---put in your request for eggs

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I have some silkworm eggs/larvae available in a week or so---let me know how many you want ahead of time---it's good to start with 50-100 for just two or three thumbnails, and the larvae are good for feeding to them for about a week---after that they grow very large and you can breed them yourself using mulberry leaves or food purchased from Otherwise, you can feed them to the larger species of dart frogs for another few days after they are too large for thumbnail species. Silkworms have substantially more protein and other nutrients than FFs, so it is a good idea to get your frogs acclimated to this nutritious food source. I will sell the eggs for a better price than since I am just a hobbyist and don't have any employees to pay.
I have a limited number of eggs left---I have sold three batches---and I will have more in a month---please check back then.
how are they working out for you. I have never tried them susan. possibly i'd be interested in trying them. I guess once they came, i would know how to do things :oops: embarrased cuz i have never dealt with them. Are they safe for the darts? How do yours respond to them? kristy :wink: Big Grin
They are just fine to keep if you don't have them in a lidded box, you wash your hands frequently, replace their food daily and remove their poop every few days. I actually have some eggs I just took out of the fridge so I am raising some larvae again to make more eggs. Let me know if you'd like monthly shipments of eggs---I might be able to spare more eggs since I had a fat female arrive late from a cocoon that I didn't think had a live moth in it. She laid another 200 eggs if you still want some. They are perfectly safe for the darts and have much more protein and other nutrients than FFs, so they don't require dusting but once every two weeks. It takes the frogs a few feedings and deprivation of other foods to get them used to it, but they will take the smallest larvae if fed in a regular location.

Pricing will be $10 for 250-300 eggs and $7 for shipping---it is up from $5 b/c of gas prices. I can take two other requests besides Kristy if anyone else is interested, but this offer expires in three days---the eggs will be too far developed by then to ship.

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