Skinny frog question

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my friend has a very skinny auratus which i am sure is wc from Panama. the frog eats very well but doesn't seem to put on any bulk. he is by himself. does this sounds like it has parasites. i actually had some termites i found in a piece of wood but the cup fell over and lost the bugs. and i can't find the log i got them from.

i know i should get a fecal. i have 2 names but they are not close by. i don't work and it cost $, yep i'm cheap. also like i said it is not my frog. just wondering if it would a panacur med or bactryl ?

i really don't know my meds. and if it is panacur what type. is any type of panacur good enough. i might have some left over from a treatment of one of my cats i have.
Without a fecal, you can't know what type of parasites this frog has. Panacur only works against worms. There are other protozoal types of parasites.
Assuming the frog has worms - Panacur should help and should not harm the frog. However, there is no way for me to say that this will cure this particular frog. A powdered form is what you need, and the stuff you may have left over from treating your cat (by the way, why didn't you use it on your cat as directed???) will probably work fine. Dust the fruit flies with the powder weekly for 4 weeks. Let us know if there is an improvement.
I also assume you are refering to Baytril in your post. This is an antibiotic and does not treat parasites.
Good luck.

David M. Frye, DVM
Could the problem be that he's not feeding the frog enough? I was surprised by how many flies and crikets my frogs would down when I first got them. It's hard to keep enough stocked.

Side question< If the frog's wc do you have to worry about POISON! :lol:
dr.frye.... it was batryl not pancure that i had for the cat. my mistake. also the cat was a stray that hung around my house and i took him in. had him for awhile. the thing is he "disapeared" after i got the vet check, shots and all. his ears where bad. it was probably one of the neigbors made him disapear.
about the frog. i was just wondering what it might be sort of get free advice. but like any "illness" it could one of many things like you stated. my friend doesn't want to spend the money. for what he paid for the frogs when he got them. he got them from a reptile place/broker in florida. thanks for the reponse.
quaz...about the frogs being poisonous, i guess to a point yes it would be poisonous. the onegood thing is the poion it has is not as bad as the "real" poison dart frogs, terribilis and 2 others but i don't remember the names. i read on some other forums where people had reactions from thier cb auratus frogs. i also don't handle any of my frogs wc or cb unless i really have to which is very rare.
the frog eats quite well. i feed just crickets to it. and when i find some termites it will get them. also as stated it is by itself so no compitition for food..
pa.walt Wrote:the frog eats quite well. i feed just crickets to it. and when i find some termites it will get them. also as stated it is by itself so no compitition for food..

If you are harvesting termites from the wild and not bought for feeding to frogs, do you think they might have parasites?

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