Some Dart Frog Hobby Acronyms and Truncations

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Some Dart Frog Hobby Acronyms and Truncations

PDF = Poison Dart Frog
FF = fruit flies
Viv = Vivarium
SLS = Spindly leg syndrome (very thin and deformed legs in small froglets - usually the two front legs)
OTW = Out of the water
2.2.2 = male. female. unknown (numbers = quantity)
CB =  Captive Bred
WC = Wild Caught
CH =  Captive Hatched
QT- Quarantine Tank
LTC- long term captive

OP- original poster
IIRC - if I remember correctly
IME- in my experience
IMHO - in my honest opinion

BBT- bumble bee toad
FBT- fire bellied toad
RETF - red eyed tree frog
leuc- leucomelas
vents- ventrimaculatus
galacts- galactonotus
trivs- trivitatta
fants- fantastica
retics- reticulate
vanzos- vanzolini
histo/ histrio- histrionicus
Leuc - Dendrobates leucomelas
Vent - Ranitomeya ventrimaculata
Tinc - Dendrobates tinctorius
Pum - Oophaga pumilio
Fant - Ranitomeya fantastica
Imi - Ranitomeya imitator
Trunc - Dendrobates truncatus

Brom- Bromeliad
Neo-  Neoregelia (type of brom used commonly in vivs, they tend to be smaller than others)
leaf litter- not really abbreviated, but a substrate covering of dead leaves, usually from oak, magnolia.
tad- tadpole
TWI = Tree Walkers International
ASN = Amphibian Steward Network
LFS – Local Fish Store
LPS – Local Pet Store
LFS - Long Fiber Sphagnum (moss)
LL - Leaf Litter
GS - Great Stuff Foam Insulation
LECA - Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (aka hydroton)

ABG - Atlanta Botanical Gardens
UE - Understory Enterprises / Mark Pepper Canadian Importer, Exporter, Hobbyist and Businessman
EU - European Union or Frogs imported from Europe to the US. Often confused with UE and vice versa
Euro -  My proposed designation instead of EU.

1.2.3 = 1 male, 2 females, 3 unsexed
FR = Farm raised
CX = culture
CRX = crickets

Pinheads = tiny crickets
vert = vertical
mint = green phase P. Terribilis
BB = bean beetle
spring = springtail
herp = 'herptile', hobby speak for reptiles and amphibians collectively

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
very nice list...

need to add the other common abbreviated plants.
Philo's = Philodendron
Pep's = Peperomia

coco = coconut coir

These I have to answer to often.
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Nice thread! Very handy.

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