Some Newbie Questions...

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Hi there, I'm a teacher here in Tallahassee, FL. Never really kept herps before, a few snakes as a kid, but have reef set ups, as well as various other animals past or present, homing pigeons, parrots, dogs, cats, bees, etc. So I think I should be able to do ok with keeping a few darts.

I'm in the research phase, again, its funny I first began reading about them about 5 years ago. Its interesting the info that changes over the years, the same happens in the saltwater reef keeping world. Always makes me wonder what we'll be doing today that's totally ridiculous tomorrow. So have a couple questions:

When you have a false bottom on the viv, do you see it in the display? As in when I'm looking at the completed tank, will I see the levels of substrate?

We have a 30 gallon tank that's going to be repurposed into a viv, anyone have some good pics of a tank this size that I could peruse for some design ideas. I'd like to have a water feature, is this of benefit to the frogs, or just for the aesthetics? Will they cross the stream, or do they stay out of the water mostly?

What does a fecal cost? I'm guessing one needs to send this off somewhere, I'm well familiar with their value from having birds, but I can get fecals done at the vet here. Don't think they'll do dart frogs. How long does it typically take to get results from a fecal if you send it off?

Will ask other questions, as they come, in another post to keep things simple, thanks so much for all you do to educate new comers to the hobby.

The outside of the viv where the substrate and false bottom show, can be covered with black craft store contact paper (on the outside of the viv). It is easy to peel and cut to size and when you want too......easy to take off.

30 gallon is a good size indeed. A water feature is not nessa, but if you want a steam or pond, it should only be small and shallow as dart are not good swimmers and don't really "use" the water per se.

Running water is mainly for asethetics but there is a school of thought that it does make the frogs feel more secure and then become bold....I just about believe that very thing.

Fecals can be sent to DR. FRYE thru the and easy. Google for his website.

Welcome aboard!

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You can also leave an inch or two around the perimeter of the tank and fill it in with gravel up to the soil line.
I have read that its ok to use distilled water. I have also read it should never be used and only r/o should be used. Which is it? Is it ok to use or not.

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