Some of my guys

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These are not the quality photos that Rich produces but here is my attempt at shooting pics of my frogs. I am just amazed at the structure of the toe pads and some of these shots really show their toe pads and that clear pad on the bottom. I have no idea why it fascinates me but it does.

The Terribilis love their african violet so much I had to put some in the other frogs tanks.
[Image: cherrytreefrog001-1.jpg]
[Image: cherrytreefrog053.jpg]
[Image: cherrytreefrog050.jpg]
[Image: cherrytreefrog042.jpg]
A female with man hands Smile
[Image: cherrytreefrog018.jpg]
She is a poser
[Image: cherrytreefrog021.jpg]
Very shy vents
[Image: vent003.jpg]
[Image: vents002.jpg]
[Image: azureusdaddy028.jpg]
This is my attempt at macro shots with my S600 Coolpix.
[Image: Macroshots014.jpg]


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