Somewhat disturbing...

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Not sure if you guys have seen this before, but I find it somewhat disturbing. If you scroll down a bit, you'll see, what I mean...
What the part where Valerie is licking the frogs? There's a few wierdies that use that as a method to determine the strength of toxins...personally I think its rather disgusting and hope they end up with salmonella but someone has to be dumb enough to do it so the rest of us know not to.
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Well, she seems to be very proud, with all those frog licking pictures... but I feel you don't like the idea as well. Smile
Have you seen "Histrionicus in a blender in Colombia" before ?

There's actually a video that shows live Dart Frogs being blended and consumed by some girl and guy. Can't find it though..

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Well, there are tribes who eat roasted birdspiders, cockroaches, etc. But I feel sad for those animals anyways.

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