Species Specific Same Sex Aggression - Male or Female ?

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I know this is a large simplification, but what are some of the species - male or female, most noted for their aggression towards the same sex of their species.

for instance:

Tinctorious - Female on female aggression

pumilio - Male on male aggression


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Male O. pumilio are aggressive towards any other male frogs. I watched, one time, a male O. pumilio jump on and try to force into the ground a male D. tinctorius. Aggressive little buggers.


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I have never experienced a beneficial situation to the frogs by having more than one male per any group of obligates I've worked with personally.
I have had as many as 4 females to one male , and it works . While just one extra male almost always ends in less than optimum situations. To say the least.
With that, less than optimum husbandry and small vivs will quite likely end in female egg eating , stomping, or out right aggression also with more than one female per grouping. Large , well thought out vivs helps eliminate these issues with obligate eggfeeders I've worked with.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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