Strange Leuc froglet Behaviour

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So i got my first leucomela the other day and when i put him in the viv he naturally went around exploring. After i left him, i came back to find him nibbling the side of a bromeliad leaf. I doubt this will harm him and i know they are not vegetarian but why is he nibbling. Even after i fed him, i noticed that he was still inquisitve about the broms. Now the main question is, why is my frog at the VERY top? I dont provide very tall trees and my viv is more long yet he still managed to jump up to the very top. I know that one of these days, when i open it, he will jump out (i have a top opening viv). I think this could be due to stress since i tried to make him eat today, but he wasnt finding the food. I actually put him in a box of FF (not the culture) and he just jumped out again. If it is stress, when will it return to normal?
The "nibbling" part....I have no idea. I've never heard of anything remotely similar. Are you sure it isn't shedding or other behaviour ? The frog has actually consumed some of the plant ???

The climbing part is much more explainable. Juvenile dart frogs almost always seek to climb. This is likely, a natural act to escape predation. A defense mechanism. The older and heavier it gets, the less it will either seek to climb or spend time on the upper part of the viv.

Do you have enough plants and hides ? Maybe a pic of your Viv would be good here.

Just be extra careful, not only opening the lid, but also making sure it's closed and sealed well. Small frogs are really good at squeezing thru openings.

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ok thanks. i'll get a pic up once i've finished adding something i forgot before i got my frog (mistake on my part. i'm letting him grow abit so he is more hardy to the small change). just a description of hides: 1 medium sized broms and 2 other plants in one area of the plant, 3 rocks to create a cove and jumping area and a plastic plant pot on its side. oak leaves sparesly dropped around the tank. thanks for the help, he is only going up there towards night time now and sometimes when i open it. generally, he just sits behind the plants and looks at me when i open it.

as for the eating of plants, he just flicks his tongue out at them, then realizing its not food. he does the same to the rocks too. i guess maybe he is still learning

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