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With the New YouTube page under construction I thought it would be a great opportunity to reach out to our great members.

We are looking at adding a section of DIY videos, anything from viv construction, modifications, heck even FF culturing. If you have any videos that you would like to submit and receive credit for that would be greatly appreciated. I could easily pull existing videos off YouTube but thought it would be a much nicer addition if they were DD user submitted.

Thanks for your input and continued support! :mrgreen:
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There are a couple very excellent hobbyist productions (videos) currently out there on youtube, but the trouble with that is...they are "loose" and not sponsored or hosted by a dedicated dart frog forum. Those videos will always be harder to find and IMO, under appreciated. The potential for views and having them collected in one proper place, on a forum like this one, increases their value to the community as well as the author.

This is your chance to work with us, and be part of a more lasting video effort, repository and history, instead of just settling for a tiny after thought blurb in a one-time forum contest.

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Totally agree...but why hasn't this suggestion been formulated in such a way that you can actually get people to participate?? Perhaps you have to supply not only the idea, but a framework for how individuals can post the videos or whatever. I think it is a very worthwhile effort...
Anyone with a Camera (VERY cheap these days) and the ability can post / host videos and Dart Den has the server space to hold them all !

The problem is....most people are a little on a 'slothfull' side (me included, I guess) and you just don't see too many video posts.

The other issue, is that the really good video people tend to post them to their own accounts- facebook, youtube or similar hosting websites and not Dart Den.

We keep hoping for more viddys Judy...really we do.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
shhhh....I'm reading directions....
Right now, the hobby has bradley (b-nice) for excellent videos. He Is doing a great job too !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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