Such a thing as an Albino azureus ?

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Yea.... Fluke? Genetic abnormality?

Would it be sterile?
I know most disdain the thought of a hybridised and inbred line, but.... a fluke would not be that...

So would it be worth anything to a collector?
Doesn't need to discuss....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Well it does exist mate. So don't contribute if you are going to be like that.
[Image: frog.jpg]

Here is an auratus albino.
an albino auratus is different than an albino azureus. Phil says they dont exist for a reason.

got any pictures?
ccfishkeeper Wrote:[Image: frog.jpg]

Here is an auratus albino.

Ya, might wanna get your facts straight before jumping on someone like that.
I think the minute someone grows one out.....the Hobby will hear about it, pretty quick.

I personally, would rather....not ever hear about it.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I have nothing against them as long as they are in a breeding group with normals...thats how I keep all my oddballs unless given a reason not to, such as different import date, locale, etc.
Albino tincs do occur, they are found in "Infer-Alanis." The problem with albinos is they don't do well. Pictured is one of the longest lived frogs I have seen. He made it about 12 months.

[Image: albino%20tinc%20alanis.jpg]
Later and Happy Frogging,
Jason Juchems

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