'Sugar Cookie' dusted Fruit flies ?

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For the first time on over 12 in the Dart Frog hobby, I saw a reference that someone was 'scared' to dust their fruit flies too much. They used the term 'ghosting' the flies - coating them so much that they are white.
The term I have used is 'Sugar Cookie' - meaning the same thing.

Is a heavy coating of superfine supplement 'Bad' ? Not in my opinion.

There are no measurements or calibrations with dusting, so we are basically only left with two options:

To dust or not to dust.

Dusting is pretty straight forward. It's hard to go 'half way' and dust all the flies a little.

NOT Dusting is skipping a dusting one or more times sequentially. Not a bad thing either, but back to dusting amounts.

There has been a valid argument AGAINST Hypervitaminosis - too much vitamins. The reverse, Hypovitaminosis is what I'm worried about MUCH more. Of course Vitamin 'A' must always be used in a lower dosage, but this post is mainly referring to Calcium and the 'other' vitamins and supplements commonly found in commercial Dart Frog supplements.

It is well known that all Fruit Flies will immediately begin 'grooming' or removing the power with their legs. This is the argument for thorough and frequent dusting. I prefer this method. The 'Sugar Cookie'.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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