Superman Returns.

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The other day me and my 3 boys were watching Superman Returns. My Youngest James (5) with a Towel around his neck.. running around the room. Everytime a frog jumps looks into the tanks. Georgie (7) and Davey (9) were sitting with me on the futon. Near the end of the movie.. Superman, after being saved, goes back to get rid of the kryptonite island. Georgie asked "Why is he going back? Kryptonite will kill him. he should run away". I told him he (Superman) believes that the life of the people are more important than his and needed to save them. Davey turns to me and says "A strong man stands up for himself.. A stronger man stands up for everyone else." I teared. Just that he understood what that would mean. Made me proud. My off topic. haha -Buddha
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