TX Frog Meet - May 16 2015

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It's been too long since we had a meet in the D/FW area, so I'd like to invite everybody over to eat barbeque and talk frogs.

Where - Rowlett TX (east shore of Lake Ray Hubbard). Not the same place as last time, but nearby. I'll send directions to folks who RSVP as we get closer to the time.

When - Saturday, May 16 2015, 1pm - 5pm

What - As usual, we're doing this pot luck -- I plan to smoke a brisket, we'll need drinks, plasticware and paper plates, sides, dessert and anything else y'all want to eat.

If you'll be coming, please reply, and let us know what you'll be bringing, so we don't duplicate efforts. If you're bringing frogs, etc., let everybody know, if you're bringing stuff like termite colonies, plan to keep them outside (I'm lookin' at you Brad :mrgreen: )
I tried to send you a PM but it is not letting me. Anyhow, I want to come to the meet in May. I can bring the plates and plastic utinsils if it hasn't already been claimed...

Hmm.... Not sure why you can't PM me; my email is lawson at nonliteral dot com, but probably easiest if people just reply in this thread so everybody knows who's bringing what.
hey chuck, count me in, yes it has been too long!

Yah, no termites this time brad!!
Count me in too.
I will bring some potato salad.
I have escudo, cristobals, mint terribs and brazilian yellow head available.
Mmmm.... Potato Salad!

Beth has also arranged some awesome vendor contributions that we'll be giving away as door prizes, etc...
I can't make it Sad. End of season soccer tourney!
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Chuck, thanks for hosting.

I'll bring drinks - Coke, Sprite; etc.

I will not be back down south in SoFl at least until June so maybe. Just maybe.

There is the International Herpetological Society meeting May 28 in San Antonio...


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We have some awesome door prizes available! Will be a great meet plus a good time to ask senior froggers questions and share ideas.

Would like to thank the following for their donations:
Todd at Light Your Reptiles
Marty with MistKing
Mike and Jessica with NE Herp
Mike Rizzo with Glass Box Tropicals
Andrea with Zilla

Chuck thanks for hosting!
Excellent work getting those donations Beth! Another thing that is a HUGE hit at all the East Coast meets is a plant auction. People can get uncommon and rare plants and clippings for like 2-3 bucks!!


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Phil the thanks should go to the Individual's donating not me. It shows they care about the hobby and are willing to pay it forward and support the hobby.
Frog Meets are a great way for hobbyists to share information have fun and meet others.

As far as plant swaps, I doubt anyone would want any of my fancy pothos. :lol:
I sent Chuck a PM about going.
Genesis Exotics LLC would also be very happy to donate towards the auction!

I really look forward to meeting many new froggers.
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Josh Halter
Genesis Exotics LLC
Josh, you're more than welcome -- the more the merrier!
Ill bring deviled eggs, and cooler w/ice for the drinks!
Looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting some new people!
I'm thinking about making the trip. I have about 4 rio broncos not sure on the sexes, i have about 3 or 4 ranitomeya sirensis highlands there's at least 1 female and one male because i get eggs all the time. I have some ranitomeya fantastica white bandeds froglets, some ranitomeya fantastica nominal fant tadpoles too. If anyone's interested. Thanks
Thanks Josh @ Genesis exotics for your donation!
Since you are attending please list what you have available to bring if needed. Smile
Thanks Beth--

Here is what I will be donating towards the auction:

Astaxanthin 2 ounces - A great natural caretenoid supplement that is a natural color enhancer and also helps with oogenesis in frogs. A great new supplement that is a must!

UniVersal Hybrid Media Kits (2) 1.5 lbs each

Universal Hybrid Media 1.5lbs (3)

Live Mood, Shag, Sheet, LIchen

Assorted FF cultures (5)

Maybe a few other things : )

Here is what I will be bringing with me to sell, members can also look at my website and if there is anything they want me to bring, I can surely bring it @ no extra cost. Of course special pricing is available for those at the meet. I will have free samples of my UniVersal Hybrid Fly Media available for those whom want to try it, enough for 1 culture.

CBB Red Eye Tree Frogs $20 each
*I can bring other frogs with me, but would rather only bring if they are presold...I feel bad stuffing them in cups( if I dont have to*

Universal Hybrid Media 1.5 lbs $7, and 3lbs $15, the BULK BUCKET (only if ordered prior $90!)
Bromeliads $5 (frog free)
FF cultures (all varieties) $5
Springtails (all varieties) $5
Astaxanthin 2 ounces $15
Tid Bits tadpole diet (very rich in protein, also enriched with astaxanthin) $8

Just a note, I am not going to be setting up a store, but I will have these things available with me. I am really looking forward to seeing meeting everyone!

"There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. To rare to live and to rare to die."

Josh Halter
Genesis Exotics LLC
Josh - set aside a few springtail cultures for me, thanks!

If anybody is interested I have a breeding group (4) of UE Varadero imitators I can bring along.
hey Josh
Ill take two springtails and 2-mel flies! do you carry the springtail powdered food?

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