Tadpole tea - How to make it ?

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New to this forum (and to darts) so first of all Hi. Second, where do i find the ingredients to make tadpole tea?

I have had 4 tricolors since 5th June 2011 and they have laid eggs 5 times, each time they have not developed but this time i have taken them from the tank and at day 6 they are developing well and i have seen movement.

Do i separate when they hatch or keep them together? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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Howdy, and welcome to the forum. I'll give you my answer, right or wrong, but it works for me. I've never made tadpole tea - I raise my tads in a community tank where they feed off algae, dead fruit flies, detritus and such. BUT - it you want to cup raise your tads using tadpole tea, I believe that the recipe goes like this:

Place one or two tropical almond leaves (terminalia catalpa) in a gallon of boiling water
Continue to boil for approximately 15 minutes
Let the liquid cool and remove the leaves
The leaves can be dried and reused multiple times

To use with tads:
Dilute the solution with spring water until it turns a light tea color; this will be your tadpole tea

In addition to the tea, I would add a piece of leaf for cover and a piece of java moss if you have it; also, I know that many breeders add a tiny pinch of high quality fish food about once a week to each cup. Remember that you're dealing with frogs that are accustomed to growing up in a swamp, so the nastier the water, the better. In other words, don't change the water often, and if you feel that you must, only change a portion of it.

I hope this helps -

"Blackwater (liquid) extract" is another option - avail in fish/pet stores.


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