Tank cleaning ?

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I just wanted to know how often and what you do for cleaning the tank. Trying to find out if you have to take the tank all the way down.
Wellp I take that as no body cleans the tanks out. That's good enough for me.
Mine never really need cleaning, I only wipe the front glass with a lemon every now and then.

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I only 'clean' when I need to see something being obstructed my junk on glass.
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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Thanks for the info!
There are some tanks - mainly grow-outs, temp tanks, that I totally break down to the glass and "start over" each Spring when the weather is nice and I can use the garden hose outside.

What's with all the lemon juice stuff ?

Razor blade, fresh.....it's the only way to fly / clean the front pane for better viewing. I never touch the sides. Only the front.


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Philsuma Wrote:What's with all the lemon juice stuff ?

It helps to dissolve water spots, which can mostly be prevented by misting with RO or distilled water.
I do a total breakdown of my treefrog tanks every weekend. During the week I change out their paper towel substrate and wipe down the glass every day.

The dart frogs only get the front glass wiped down once a week, mainly so I can see them better.
Philsuma Wrote:What's with all the lemon juice stuff ?

The acids also help prevent (short time) and slows algae/green slim growth on the glass. White vinegar works well also.
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