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Hello again, I have finally decided that I am going to get my darts from a reptile show in Hamburg, PA on august 6th. Hamburg is about a 1 hour drive from my house. I don't want to stress my frogs out by having them in the car for an hour so I was wondering how do you guys prefer to transport frogs? I also have some questions on quarantine. At the show I am hoping to get 3-4 leucs. I have read on several websites that you should keep newly aquired frogs in a plastic sweaterbox. I don't want to put my beautiful and expensive frogs in something like that and it is Petco's $1 gallon sale so I was wondering should I just get a 10 gallon to keep them in for a little bit. The tank could be used for baby frogs later. Thank you. Big Grin
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I live about 2 hours from Hamburg and have purchased frogs from a vendor there. Usually they provide a container with some moss for a little moisture to transport the frogs in. I'm sure they will be fine in that for an hour. Some sweater boxes are as tall as a ten gallon tank or more. I'm sure I have seen some commercial companies that are outfitting them with air holes and selling them as temporary or quarentine tanks.
Do you think that 4 froglets would be good in a 10 gallon though? Because I want to have a tank sitting around in case in need it.
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If you think about it, most frogs, when shipped, are in transit for 12-18 hours. Most of them are "packed" for it though. At the few shows I've been to, most of the frogs I've seen displayed are already in a small deli cup of some type with sphag. For your 1 hour drive, I'd leave them right in the container you buy them in, but, bring a smaller cooler of some type, something that wont tip, and wont heat up if its in the sun. Put the containers in that and you'll be A-OK. It'll be less stress on them than moving them into a different container at the show, then another qt box at home. Regarding the qt box, I like the sterilite containers, lids lock shut, quick, easy, sealed setup.
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Thank you very much for your help.
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You can keep 4 leuc froglets in a 10 gallon for a little while-maybe till they are half grown,but no longer than that. A 20 -30 gallon size aquarium would be more to their liking. No need for a tall aquarium-they like to spend their life on the ground! Good Luck!
Tropical Visions Wrote:No need for a tall aquarium-they like to spend their life on the ground! Good Luck!
Leucomelas do like to climb, even as adults. If they have the space they will use it. We have a group in a vivarium that is approx 50" tall, and more often than not they are perched in the upper portions. My breeders often settle down for the night on a ledge that is at the back of the tank, they shove themselves between the glass lid and the ledge.
I've attached some photos of the leucs vivarium, it is large so they do have a lot of room to explore, and they do.
Really nice looking tank you got there! How many leucs do you have in it? I think I will get a 20 gallon from petco for 20 bucks. Do you think a tank that big would be good for the froglets?
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Thanks Cer!
We started with a group of 8 in 2006, and at last count there was 9 different ones that they could identify.
They frequently drop tadpoles off in the pond area, so there might be more.

A 20 gal will make a nice grow out tank.

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