Tank humidity problems

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Alright, well I've got one of those cheap humidity gauges from exo terra, so I dont know if thats the problem or maybe its broken, but I cannot seem to get the humidity past 60%. I run the fogger for half the day, I mist the tank at least twice a day and I fill up the "pond" with fresh water everyday. The tank seems very moist and my plants are thriving so I'm thinking its gotta be the gauge but any suggestions to get the tank more humid would be appreciated. I'm going to get some frogs at the march 4th Reptile Show so I need to make sure its doing good by then. I hope you guys can help me out,


do yourself a favor and ditch the Exo-Terra gauge.

You can purchase a digital combo humidity/ thermometer at Home Depot, Wal-mart, Lowes. etc.

The margin of error for the dial type gauges that reptile companies put their name on is unreal! I have seen more people kill their frogs from heat stress because their "thermometer" only read 75 degrees, when actually it was over 82 degrees. Humidity gauges are just as inaccurate!

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts
thanks cindy i knew there was something screwy here cuz if it were to get anymore humid the frogs would be able to swim through the air haha thanks alot though i will stop by after during one of my class breaks to pick one up. but thanks again cuz it was really stressing me out i will throw that thing out as soon as i get off my lazy butt!
Another option is to put cellophane on the top of your tank. Tape the back and sides about middle and leave the front untapped so you can have access. Might not be the best option if you have orchids due to the fact that they need air circulation. Builds humidity and plants will thrive.
Get a proper glass top. Plexiglass warps, cellophane is one big fail waiting to happen.

All the gauges are crap. Don't waste $$ on any of them.

Your two best gauges are - eyes and fingers. Seriously. As long as you have a 100% top covered glass top and you spray enough,you will see condensation on the tank sides ect...then you know you are good to go. A false bottom is important too, and should contain some standing water,which helps keep the humidity up as well. A pond feature is a good visual aid to telling if the humidity is ok too.


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