Tank size and keeping different froglets together ?

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I have a 29 gallon tall tank right now that I have a basic setup in. I have 5 frogs - 2 leucs and 3 auratus and all are juveniles.

I also have a nice 40 gallon wide tank that I've been working on with an elaborate setup, that I planned on putting the auratus in, then from that point I was going to turn the 29 gallon upright and make a tall vert tank setup for the leucs but tonight when I placed the froglets in the 40 gallon I found a few pitfalls that had me concerned with the tank. This is the second time ive re-done this tank and I thought i had it froglet proof but they proved me wrong tonight and there are a few other little things I have to modify over the next few days.

I have gotten a lot of mixed responses on keeping multi species together.

I know the safe thing would be not to do it, but I really just dont have anything else I can keep them in at the moment besides the 29 gallon tank.

should i go out and pick up a 10 gallon real quick just to be safe or do you think for a few days they will be ok all in one tank
They'll be fine for a little while. The concern is for aggression, but as a temp container you should be ok. Just get them their own vivs asap.
think, it aint illegal yet

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