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Hi I just wanted to drop in and say thank you all for just being you. I had done some reading on the Dendro board and wound up laughing so hard at how much most people over there are stuck up and know it alls. It is refreshing to see a board about Dart frogs that do not have their panties in a wad. Now on to the Newbie stuff...

I want a tank with 2 different genre of frogs in it but what I WANT and what I will HAVE is a different story. After reading this board I am going to start a tank with the one frog that is on the top of my list of frogs I want which are Luecs... at least until I know more about what I am doing. At this point I don't want to breed but I could change my mind. After all I AM a womanSmile On the other list I was having a hard time because I asked questions like "if you had an all male tank and wanted two different types of Tincs whats the harm" and I hear "Because I said not to and that is why" As a former dog show breeder I can understand about not wanting to mix the genres together so I don't need a lecture about any of thatSmile I have 4 successful reef tanks in my house so I know I can care for PDF's ( Although I do want to take down one of my 90g reef tanks). Soooo at some point and time I will have an all male tank of frogs that will get along. I see no harm in it as long as the frogs will live together peacefully. I am start a Viv as we speak.. Kinda hard to get the coco dry because it is so cold outside so I have it indoors in a 30g tank and I am stirring it 50 times a day. I am thinking about taking a blow dryer to it.
hey tina,

i have put coco fiber on a glass 'cookie sheet' dish in the oven with a spoon wedged in the door at about 200 degrees. it dries quickly and smells kinda nice in the process. really speeds up the drying, just stir it occasionally.

i agree with you about the tone on this board being much better. unfortunately, i also agree with the sentiment that they expressed about mixing frogs. a few things come into the argument. first off, tincs are known to be aggressive frogs. they fight in some subtle ways which don't look so brutal to us, but will cause the submissive frog to stop eating and die. the corollary is that you will miss seeing some great behavior as the sexes interact. leucs are chill, maybe your male tank of leucs would work, but still i think you'd be cheating yourself. one good solution might be to use tank dividers. i've seen some beautiful tanks in the 90 gal range with clear can mix pairs of some more aggressive species and get the multiple types of frogs in one tank illusion.

some of the passion folks express is due to the fact that this hobby is fairly new and available frogs are limited. even the frogs which are common today will probably 'cycle through' and become rare sooner than later. tricolors and 'blue jeans' pumilio are one time they flooded the hobby, and are now very hard to find. geopolitics come into play and countries stop exporting. there is also a global decline in amphibian populations. further, many darts come from areas where habitat is disappearing quickly. what this all adds up to is that these frogs are precious and keeping them is a privilege. folks get passionate about treating them right and not letting them die at the least, and breeding them to share with others at best. the numbers available really are limited.

maybe you can find a middle ground like patty slayton who is well respected on the boards. she keeps the frogs to watch and enjoy, not to breed. but she keeps them in species tanks in appropriate numbers (pairs for aggressive frogs, or small colonies of 'community'(single species community) frogs).

i hope this sounds like the friendly advice it's meant to be, and not self-righteous scolding. it's just that these frogs are so lovely and fun that folks want you to have the best experience possible. and many have learned the hard way that to enjoy these frogs, you need to provide them with suitable housing. and unfortunately, unlike fishkeeping, mixed species tanks just don't seem to work out.

best of luck,
That is why I am starting a Luec tank first... Since Luecs wouldn't do well with the larger Tincs they would never get mixed but if after years go by I find a few frogs that could all go together I may try it but I will have to have a lot more experience under my belt then I have right now. But there is always the option of adding imi's to a tank of Luecs...MUCH later down the roadSmile I am kicking around the idea of the 90 gallon split into 3... But we shall see what happens and how far I get sucked into the habit urrr I mean HobbyWink
Just a friendly reminder...

A lot of us, "Stuck up know it all's" are on this forum too.

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yeah, but i vote that we try to keep this forum nice and relaxed....dude, what people want is info about frogs! when it's nice and relaxed, people aren't afraid to ask the questions...and that's why the dart den exists, right?
Hey tmkuroda,
Welcome to the Den,

I think that your just like everyone else was when they started out in this hobby, and by the time you get you viv built and spend all the money for multiple species of frogs, you will be telling the newer members, as nicely as possible, why they shouldn't be mixing the frogs up.
I know when I first started thinking about keeping them, I wanted a tank full of color, (must be the residual reef hobby left in us). But as time goes on you will change your mind, and just plan on building on to your house so you can have more room for more frog tanks. :wink:

Oh yeah, good choice on the leucs, There awesome!!!
Frogtofall Wrote:Just a friendly reminder...

A lot of us, "Stuck up know it all's" are on this forum too.

[Image: 378.gif]

I hope you catch my humor here:

I said Most not all... Are ya feeling that I was talking about you? Tongue

Seriously though... I saw that some of you were on both boards since I had read the boards here after I had read the boards there... I wouldn't have said what I said if I thought that the crossover posters of this list would think I was talking about them. Confusedhock:

I had read about as much as I could from that list and what I was referring to was those posts combined with my nasty grams. Oh yah I forgot... You never got to read my nasty grams. I made sure that their screen names were NOT on this list before I posted. That is what drove me off that list for the time being. If I was just some stupid Newbie I would have said "Up yours I will do what I want" and never read another board because it didn't mesh with what *I* wanted...But I am not... so here I amSmile To tell ya the truth most of the people who replied to my post openly where pretty nice about it. Besides... You have spell check LOL!

I agree that I should wait, and wait awhile before I even try to THINK about attempting a mixed tank but by that time I may never do it. Just know that it is a dream of mine that may never happenSmile But I can always dream ...can't I?

Thanks for the heads up on baking the coco fiber Mack otherwise it will take me weeks to get this stuff dried out! I am SURE I will have a million questions about the vivs I am making as well as when I get the frogs. I had already bought Patricas (didn't have them yet) but decided against them since they were not my favorite and Luecs were.
Tina [Image: 359.gif]

And your sig is hilarious. Hahaha! :lol:
I have posted on the vivs topic about starting my tanks but I forgot a boatload of things to ask.. Like how long before I put frogs into a viv that has silicon and GS in it? Is two weeks ok? I will ask more later.. Oh and ya really need to go to it is TOOOOO FUNNY!
hey tina,

two weeks is probably fine for cure time, but beyond cure times, check this out:
The two auratus are about 3 months old and I was planning on sending off a fecal before putting them in this small viv. I think the other viv I am making would be to big for at least a month. After that the luecs should be big enough to put into it the small viv. Till then they will be in an UGLY paper towel set up. I get 2 frogs the 8th and the Luecs I think next month because they will only be 2-3 weeks out of the water by the 8th.

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