Thermostat advice please

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Hi. I am wondering if this thermostat would work with the heat mats used in the hobby??? Or could someone suggest one that is reliable, reasonably priced?? ... 656&sr=1-2

Heat Mats are really for the REPTILE hobby. We don't use them, so much. I understand you have a cold house and this will present problems for dart frog temps.

Maybe someone will chime in on a fix/mod or good experience with heat pads/mats. I have not met anyone who uses them.

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I use heat mats, but only in cases where the temperature is low. My substrate is quite thick and the effect is minimal but it helps raise the temperature to at least 71F or around that temp. My house (situated in northern England) gets quite cold during winter so sometimes we will turn it on, but generally it remains off.
To sum up, they do work, but the effect is minimal. I'm wary of the roots of my plants getting damaged more than anything really.
If you want to heat the tank, i increase room temperature. A radiator helps a lot in my experience and even my lighting provides some heat
Very helpful info Smile Thanks scarloc.
The subject of heat...and also cold, has been one of the issues that has made me pause about going beyond tree frogs--they are much more tolerant of the extremes than even Maryland has. The heat mats, I understand, are not something to use because they can cause the glass that is generally present, to crack. I have invested in an oil heater for this season--the fan/heater last winter was really expensive to use through the winter according to my husband. I also put up a cloth over the doorway to the "frog room" ...(also where my computer is) the heat is more contained. At least the frogs and I are warm...

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