Thin flat Cork Tiles for backgrounds !

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Awesome !! ... -5mm-Nopsa

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They carry these at Menard's as well and their cheaper but I think they only have three in them. I have some and they are right. They smell like campfire smoke. Iv had some for a few years and soaked them in water well to try and remove the smell but to this day I can still smell it and its allways made me abit Leary of them
Also some of them have an adhesive on one side for mounting which isn't good. Mine don't have the adhesive but the ones Menard's has right now do have it
Hmmm, that smell... wonder if the cork has adhesives and binders built into it. I will try to look around for different companies. I am thinking that I want to go with flat cork instead of tree fern panel on back and sides.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I get my compressed cork panels from Maryland Cork. It is the most natural form. You must be careful getting the corkboards from hobby stores etc because they have glues and other bad chemicals you don't want in your tank

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I have both used the Maryland cork panels as well as the pack of 4 you can find at craft stores. It has been awhile since I researched it, but I think most of these panels are heat treated to form the panels rather then chemicals and I associated the campfire smell as related to that process in both the Maryland and craft store type as they both smelled similar. I have not had problems with either but I prefer the thicker 1" of the Maryland, it is just more costly unless you want to buy a big quantity. With that said, I my favorite background currently is the natural flat cork.
I don't remember how I found them, but here are 12x36" panels for $6:

That particular site seems possibly shady... but the product arrived as shown in a timely manner, and no one has stolen my identity- that I'm aware of. The shipping was a little pricey. Even with shipping, however, this is the cheapest I've seen these per square foot.

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