Those of us who can't make Frogday....

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What are you all doing this weekend?

I am going zip-linning with my wife and smoking some ribs and chicken on Sunday.

Oh, and also being mad at those able to talk frogs all weekend Smile
Scott Bryant
I have the kids all night while my wife goes out with her friend. ...we where supposed to go to see thor in 3D but teh sitter fell through. Tomorrow I have all 3 kids again. My daughters baseball game ...
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Hmm I'll be working to make up for all the 'under time' for this week. :lol:
Do you know where your frogs have been?
I will be at a jr pga golf tournament this weekend as most with my son.
If you can still count the number of frogs you have, you obviously don't have enough.
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We went to Oklahoma City for the American Begonia Society National Convention, that was fun!
By the way did ANYONE take pictures at Frog Day???
the other guys snapped a lot of dealer room pics....I was really busy and I suck at "people" pics as well. :oops:

I did get a lot of NYC pics - Ferry, Times Square, Freedom Tower, Memorial, Monument, Wall Street, Subways ect.

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