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Figured it was time to introduce myself. My name is Gabe, I live in the Salt Lake Valley in the wonderful state of Utah.

I have been fortunate to have local froggers to hold my hand, therefore never posted much.

After being questioned and even called out over which frogs I keep or breed, I figured it was time...

I have been keeping frogs darts for a little over 2yrs now. Frogs for about 3 (theloderma corticale). Turtles, fish 10+yrs. Within the past 1 1/2yr have taken down my fishroom from 70+ tanks to now having 20ish. My plan is to get down to 14...

I recently donated my mata mata turtles to the local aquarium. I was very excited to get them into such an awesome place!! The write off will be nice as well.

Frogs, I keep mostly obligates plus misc. thumbs. This hobby has given me so much, now I feel like I may have something positive to contribute now.

Also let me know how this picture looks (I do most of my browsing via phone). My first froglet this year, that I took care of anyways[Image: 62caa772-bc12-8e1d.jpg]

I will work on other pictures, especially if phone pics come out decent...

Thanks for reading,

Hi Gabe
Welcome to Dart den. That is crazy being called out about what you keep. I always treat that matter as friendly discussion. I enjoy sharing my froggin stories and experience w people, but I would never demand someone come clean about what they keep. If I asked the ques, its about being curious and sharing the joy of frog husbandry. I think the only reason for pressing a persons exp level would be if your buying a rare frog and someone wants to ensure it is going into good capable hands. Well, anyway, glad to have you as part of our online community.

Take care
Scott - North Dallas
I believe being called out was a way to try and jump in line in front of me, or knock me off the list all together. That is why I have made the decision to quit lurking and contribute. You know, get my "street cred" up Wink. I am lucky that a few locals with some clout will vouch for me.
Welcome (officially) Gabe !

Ah, the politics of the Hobby. You can choose to get as caught up in it as much as you want, or you can choose to not let it bother you. There is no such thing as someone "blocking you" from frogs IMO. All you need to do is make contacts, nationwide, and soon you will find whatever it is you are after, from someone else. Don't let people get you down. For every bad person and bad experience I've had in this hobby, there have been at least 3 good ones, so I'm happy with that ratio.

I almost traded some pums for a Reddish Mata Mata a year ago. I really like those turtles, and I'll get one someday.

"Street Cred" ? I believe in it. Post often and with some pics and soon you will have contacts and friends out the wazoo. As you can see, there are a lot of active members here that love to "talk' to each other online.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Here are bad pics of drop off. To say they were upset would be an understatement. Haven't touched them I a couple years[Image: 62caa772-d025-bdd7.jpg][Image: 62caa772-d03e-e3a8.jpg]

I will be going next week to check on them. I have to admit I feel pretty cool being able the have two animals on display (after qt) these along with my mossy frogs
VERY cool. Viva la Hobbyists ! Why did you donate them, if you don't mind me asking ? They don't don't look overly huge - big but not taking-over-the-bathtub size.

What's the locale on those ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I donated them because these damn frogs have taken over my life! Only partly joking.

I had them in a 3'x8' pond in my fishroom, but the fishroom is slowly disappearing. I was unable to get them off of live food, so it was costly, as well as taking up space to breed feeders (mollies, convicts, black belts, geos) they eat a ton.

So I thought "where could my turtles go and have the best care, and enclosure?" After procrastinating a few months, I happened to sell some mossy frogs to the asst. herpetologist of the local aquarium. We got to talking...My goal was for my animals to go to the best situation possible. I think I achieved this.

Local, unknown. Got them from a local importer with limited info given. I did get to pick from about 20 individuals in a room, next to a room with wild caught redfoot, and yellowfoot tortoises, next to a too
With wild caught goliath birdeaters. Needless to say this was about the time my views on wild caught started to change. While I understand the practice, I try to buy captive bred now.

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