Thought you might enjoy this video- Relay Wipeout

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Taken tonight at my son's skating party- We all laughed about it afterwards. :lol:
The first kid is my son's friend, the second is my son Zachary.
I can't figure out how to make the video work on the page, so you have to click on it to see my photobucket page.
[Image: th_VID00011.jpg]
lol, nothing like aiming for the crowd of little kids when you can't stop. "Oh look, speed bumps"
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LOL yeah, that's pretty much what it seemed like. I showed my parents the vid, and my dads resonse was "yeah, that's what happens everytime they do a relay race!". The one boy with us has been there many times, and warned the boys not to do the relay. "People DIE doing this, no- seriously! They've died!"

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