Timothy D. Paine - Herp Photographer extraordinaire

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Two names come immediately to my mind, when someone mentions Herp photography of the highest quality. One is my friend Bill Love and the other is Tim.

His Website:


Tim is also a member of Treewalkers. We talked a bit at the last I.A.D in 2007 .If anyone knows Tim, please tell him, I'd love to have him slide over here for a photo thread or two !


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He has some great photography! Loved all the frog and snake pics he took! Thank you for sharing the link! I wonder how far away he was when taking some of those pictures. Probably would have been shittin bricks on the viper photo if I was taking that, LOL! I want one in the worse way...but just not practical at this point in my life yet.
Thanks, TJ

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