To trust or not to trust the trusty hygrometer?

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Well, I dont know if this should go in this section, or the parts and construction. So, if it's in the wrong section, feel free to move it.

Anywho, I bought some kind of an analog combination of thermometer and hygrometer. I dont remember the brand name at the moment. The point is that I don't know whether or not I can trust the hygrometer. The meter said it has been holding steady at 80% since I put the tank up. Well, the reason I don't know if I can trust it is because the thermometer says its been an even 70°F since the tanks been up as well. I thought the temp of the air in the tank when I opened the lid was much warmer than that. So, I put my digital probe aquarium thermometer in there, and it's reading 76° F. So, the thermometer is obviously wrong. Is it right to think that the hygrometer could be faulty as well? The tank is extremely humid in there at all times by the feel, but it's also constantly fogged up on all four sides with water droplets running down. That's why I ask, should I trust that it's only 80% humid in there ?

Hi Mark,

No. Do not trust the dials. If you paid $10-20.00 for a "hobby" gauge or a walmart gauge - then you are going to be disappointed. The accuracy of something cheap like that is....not good.

Three things you want, right away:

1. FULL glass top. You can have a slight 1inch or so, vent....but the basis of your enclosure top should be full, tight glass lid.

2. False bottom with the ability to drain and hold water. If you look at the back of the tank, you should be able to see how much water is drained and is standing under the false bottom. If it's "bone dry" in your false bottom....that's a huge sign of low humidity. The amount and level of the excess / standing water in the tank bottom is a much better indicator than an analog gauge.

3. Spray daily when you first set the tank up and eyeball the condensation inside - the plant health and growth. All of this will tell you how humid your interior is. Droplets that linger on the tank sides and interior - wood features ect. All good visual indicators of tank humidity.

If you have those three things going will be safe and ok. Trying to get a gauge or dial reading of 74% or 80% and depending upon the $9.00 gauge to always be your trusted machine is not where you want to be.

Get the tank set up properly. Mist daily at first and soon you will see that you are doing a much better job with your own eyes, than any gauge.

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Well that's great news then. All of that is set up and running well. The inside is never dry. There is constantly drops running down all of the sides, and they've constantly got standing drops on all of the sides, and the large leaved plants. I've got a false bottom with 2.5"+ of hydroton on the bottom, but I didn't think to look there for water. Going by the glass, the feel inside the tank, and the visual moisture in the tank, I say the humidity is much higher than 80%. My digital thermometer has never done me wrong, so I will trust that as far as temp is concerned. I have been misting twice a day as an attempt to keep the humidity is, just to make sure. Once in the early morning, and once around 3-4 o'clock.

Thermometers are indeed, a more accurate tool.

You want temps of around 70 -77F...can be a little hotter during the day and a little cooler at night.

Try to get some pics posted !

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I know this isn't per proper etiquette to link to a different board, by I can't post photos from my photo bucket at the moment. Photos of the frogs and the tank can be seen here: ... urnal.html

EDIT: a thread will be posted with updated photos when I an access my photobucket. And that photo was directly after wiping all of the sides down.
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[Image: DSC_4798.jpg]

I've since put in a few cocohuts and about 8 film canisters.

Here's one of the females.
[Image: DSC_4823.jpg]

Nice !

Good looking Viv and spectacular pics. Look at the colour and pattern on that frog ! Wow.

I'd go with a bit more leaf litter - you can layer it, but otherwise it looks excellent.

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Wow thanks! Yeah, one of my bags ordered from Joshsfrogs didn't come in with the rest. They missed the mini mister I ordered as well. I called them and they shipped both out on Monday. They should be here today or tomorrow, and another gallon or so magnolia leaves will go in. Smile

You know how your hair gets "bigger" on a humid day ? That is exactly the technology in most analog hygrometers. A piece of hair tied to a tension spring on one end and the needle of the display on the other end. As the humidity rises the hair gets longer allowing the needle to move. Seriously. That is what you paid 10 bucks for.

Post some pics / tank shots in another thread here, when you get a chance !

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