Transmittance of Frog Parasites to Humans

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I was just wondering whether parasites such as coccidia, chytrid, and worms (i'm talking about the sp. that infect frogs) can use us as hosts. By coming in contact with the frogs and their environment can we transfer the parasites into our own organism? What is the possibility of this happening, if at all possible? Not sure if human parasites are a different species or not, but for example, dogs and cats can get coccidia, hook worms, lung worms, and many of the parasites frogs might have. Are these the same species?

For example if a frog escaped a tank and defecated on the floor, and then for example a dog came and licked it, then licked a human owners hand, could the parasites be transferred in this way? This is a possible scenario.

So basically what it boils down to, is whether or not frog parasites are capable of entering and living inside a human host. I've honestly never read or heard anything on the topic, so maybe a few of you can shed some light on it.

now I am no MD or anything close but I would think that they could not because of all the vaccines that humans have. This is just a guess though guess we will just have to wait for Rich to chime in.


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