Trip to Omaha zoo

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While the trip to Nebraska was under extremly sad circumstances (which we won't go into) we did take the oportunity to visit my favorite zoo. We didn't have much time to spend there since we still had a 8 hour car ride ahead of us but we definatly had to tour the indoor rainforest.

Link to the entire album. ... aha%20zoo/

and just a couple filler pics for those of you too lazy to click the link... Tongue

[Image: IMG_8077.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8051.jpg][Image: IMG_8085.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8143.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8130.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8091.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8098.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8144.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8122.jpg]
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Great pictures Mike!

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