Tropiflora Open house yesterday...

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Went to Mark P's gathering and Tropiflora open house 5 miles down the road from him.

I guess some of us should feel really guilty about 1,000's of exquisite broms right around the corner...all year....sunny weather to grow them range geckos...swimming pools year round.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Don't forget about spicy wings and cold beer...a good time had by all, thanks for coming down. I am going back over today, too hungry to look at everything yesterday.
Holy cow!! how do you choose with all that? I consider myself lucky if I find a nursery round here with more than one bromeliad.
Dan I always tell people Tropiflora is like a reef store, you walk around 2 or 3 times you keep seeing something you missed, so many cool small Neo's. These days I usually just pull broms from the pots around my pool but I can never resist a new pick up now and then, they have sooo much odd stuff. Michael's is about 25 minutes away from me and people rave about his broms as well, I will have to get there some day.
Always a fun time to be had at Mark's place. Thanks for hosting ! Maybe we should 'share the love' and hit up Michaels next time.

I managed to fashion a small frog-size pair of crutches out of toothpicks, so we will have that ready for the next meet as well.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Damn rub it in guys.coldest march for 100 yrs or such like here,We are having to eat our chicken wings with the ruddy feathers on or some aminal(just for once deliberate) rights guys will shout cruelty and you guys are living it up. Hmm inter atlantic divide hope this comes over in the spirit intended :wink:

Mark/Phil we would like full details of the gathering(even if it is only to make me feel warm again without sitting in the fire) and hope you all had a blast,that's more broms than I/We have ever seen and another one is down the road,it is genuine hardship out there isn't it :mrgreen:
best both

Stu I had a big open house in February with about 30 people but so many visited Trop before hand I figured I would have a little get together for anyone that wanted to attend their spring plant fair. About 10 people showed, we talked a traded frogs a bit then went over to the fair, hunger won out after a couple of hours and we all went to wing place near by called Buffalo Wild Wings. The fair has 10 - 15 vendors along with tropiflora's massive brom inventory, my only pick up was a nice Grace Goode creation "Wild Tiger", about 12 broms/pups in this basket, maybe more once I separate. Getting hot here Stu, AC had to go today.
[Image: 005-5_zps7efc2103.jpg]
[Image: 006-4_zpscdaf180d.jpg]
Thanks Mark. Mate, I would have a guess, that we'll never see broms like that, of that quality in that form!! here.I grow: I know how hard it would be to achieve that quality,with our climate,especially whist the gulf stream sits where it does. Glad you had a great time with a few good friends and thanks for the insight. 'Ere i'm still waiting on news of tinfoil eggs 8)I'm sure you know what I mean
AC....beggars belief at this time


Tropiflora...only a fifth of entire facility. I shall be back....maybe in a couple months.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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