Ugly Almost DYI vented tank lid

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So I'm not know for making pretty mods but, I find this design to be very effective to keeping condensation on the front glass to a minimum. Just for the record I did pick up the idea for this from a members tank on Db. Props to a persons name I have forgetten. He didn't post alot of construction details so I used some common sense and asked a few questions. First one I used a versa-top for the lid.

This is the 30 gallon tall I'm making mine for.

[Image: dsc01761yy9.jpg]

I have a trio of variabils that will go in here in a few months.

[Image: dsc01791cj2.jpg]

[Image: dsc01786pd0.jpg]

This one I had glass cut. I had a piece cut to the length of the tank and 8" wide. The cut in half to be two pieces a 3" & 5".

[Image: dsc01813ob1.jpg]

I then tape the top of the tank were I want the hinge to be with painters/ masking tape.
Laid the glass down, left a very small gap between the two pieces, taped about 1/2" in from the center cut down the length of the tank.
I then applied a generous bead of silicon to the center and let it dry.
Removed the tape and trimmed the excess from the ends.

[Image: dsc01812ff8.jpg]

Next is the vent frame work. You will need a set window screen frame corners.

[Image: dsc01825tm4.jpg]

Window screen frame cut to your needs. Mine is 21.5"L for the long pieces. 3" L for the short pieces.

[Image: dsc01814av1.jpg]

Frame assembled. (Note the corner pieces are place properly unlike the above photo which are laid backwards in the example)

[Image: dsc01821hz2.jpg]

Next place a section of mosquito netting into the frame and secure with the rubber window frame strip. (proper name escapes me)

[Image: dsc01822ao9.jpg]

Back to the tank. Place you glass lid in it's final placement. Measure from front to back the gap between the glass and the inside of the lip.
Use this type of foam strip the thickness of your glass to lay along the inside lip. First the sides then the middle. This will give you a palce to rest the frame and secure the frogs and flies in the tank.

[Image: dsc01828ln4.jpg]

[Image: dsc01833dc7.jpg]

[Image: dsc01835gw4.jpg]

I'll finish this up sometime tomorrow. I got to take my son swimming now.
Looks good so far.
Keep us posted.
Can't wait to see it finished.
Thanks! I can follow it so far. The pictures are really helpful! I'll be watching for the rest.

Finishing up.

Since I got the glass cut at the Discount Builders supply and nothing fancy had been done to the edges. I opted to put a little electrical tape on the business end of the glass with the most chance of chipping. (optional step)

[Image: dsc01854oc4.jpg]

I then placed a generous bead of GE II silcone on the the part of the frame and the glass that I want to adhere together to create the opening portion of the lid. The pressed firmly together. Cleaning up any thing coming out the sides with toothpick and paper towel.

[Image: dsc01857wl2.jpg]

[Image: dsc01856xy2.jpg]

[Image: dsc01863fz0.jpg]

[Image: dsc01862wr6.jpg]

Then ran a small bead of silicon along the back of the frame.

[Image: dsc01864xw7.jpg]

At this point since I growing out the tank I'm just sealing up the back with packing tape. To keep it more secure and honest I would suggest siliconing the back.

[Image: dsc01858di6.jpg]

[Image: dsc01859oa9.jpg]
I like the idea... I think I'll incorporate something similar when I make the top for my tank. Construction journal to follow....
Silcone is finally dry(took a couple of days quite unusal) lid is operational.

[Image: dsc01880ie1.jpg]

This is a versa-top on my powder blue tank I modded the same way.

[Image: dsc01837kz7.jpg]

Tank several hours after misting without wiping the glass.

[Image: dsc01836mj3.jpg]

Next step for me is kid proofing my tanks I have an autistic 5 year old who is a major copy cat. So I take precautions. This is good to do if your tank has lots of exposure to young hands IMO.

[Image: dsc01839qe5.jpg]

My big fat powered blue "proven female". Still no eggs.

[Image: dsc01890lk1.jpg]

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