Ultrasonic fog pit in terrarium - unsafe for frogs ?

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I've got a ultrasonic fogger that the frogs can't get to - but it produces a little pit of fog in the front of the tank. It seems to have plenty of rock and/or moss for the frogs to get out of, but I'm just concerned it might be a hazard to little frogs.

When I first got the fogger, out of my own curiosity (or stupidity) I huffed in a good puff of the fog and I've smoked things that didn't hurt as much. Will the frogs be smart enough not to choke/drown in the fog area ? I've seen photos of people's tanks with bigger fog areas than mine, but I just want to be sure I never have to find a dead frog in the fog pit, ya' know?

Right now my frogs are in a different container, about 2 weeks old, and about the size of a thumbnail. I'm not sure how long I'm going to wait until putting them in the 10 gallon with the fogger... at least a month, depending on their size.
How warm is the fog coming out ? I know some foggers put out warm-to- hot fog, and that could hurt your frogs.
When I stick my hand in it, it feels cool. It comes from behind a false background, up through the lowest layer of gravel. If anything it'll be a cooling pit for them. I just know that if I got stuck in a proportionally sized pit of this stuff, I'd be coughing and running the F* out of there. I might be overly paranoid, but I'm not risking my frogs life on my lack of knowledge!
maybe you could raise the fogger off the floor. so then it would roll down the side and along the bottom of the tank.
may i ask what type of mister is it.
Thats basically what I'm doing. When I built the tank I used a seperate
container for the fogger, because I didn't want the mist water that
filtered through the substrate ruining the ultrasonic fogger discs. I'd
heard that was a problem with them, so I thought the cleaner the water
the less I'd have to replace discs.

So my fog rolls down behind the false back, under the false background
and up through the lowest point in the substrate.

The fogger is the one you get in pet shops, meant for reptiles/herps/etc.
I use an ultrasonic from walmart that is much bigger and puts out a lot more fog than the cheap pet store one's. I made the mistake of wasting $40 on one of those exo-terras I played around with that for awhile but it just wasn't conventional and now it just sits on my closet shelf. Any takers? Big Grin I have it plumbed from under the stand and up to the top of the tank and and the fog billows down nice and slow until the entire tank is filled. I have it set on a digital timer to come 7 times a day for couple of minutes each time. Its perfect for regulating the humidity levels in the viv and it only took a few minutes to put this all together. I highly recommend these over the cheapies they are much more affective and versatile and you don't have to worry about the disks going out.
Yeah - I'm just being paranoid. My frogs love the fog pit. Its just that I tried to inhale that vapor and it hurt. I guess a human and a frog are not the same... duh!

I don't know about the exo-terra's either... they're expensive... and the results... I'm still not sure.

As a newb, one of the biggest things I wish I'd have done would be drill a drainage hole, and not have a fake background.
^^ people huffing ultrasonic fog ? I have.....no biggie, meh.

Those bubble / disk and in-tank foggers generate heat. A lot of heat. They are NOT good to use for vivariums and frogs.


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