Uncle Ted Nugent...cool dude or batshit crazy ?

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I almost pissed myself laughing at one of his gun show programes on the telly last night. Just LOOKING at him is funny but when that dude starts talking fast and 'expounding' on guns and animals, and the spirit of animals ect....theres some damn funny shit to be heard just about every other minute.

last night, after he shot a big herd animal....he said sumthin' like.

"Ted shot some lead and now that buck is dead".....again...coupled with that dudes crazy colonel sanders goatee and crazy-er than a shit-house rat eyes....makes for funny TV, I'll tell ya for nothin'

supposedly he beat the 'Nam draft by claiming he continually, uncontrollably and frequently shit his pants.

for some odd reason, I like him though.....weird.

[Image: monster.jpg]


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
He's a crazed man for sure. I've seen him in concert several times, sore ears and bows n arrows. Seems like he makes the news every 5 or so years for poaching.

It's always hard for me to believe that he isn't/hasn't ever been a habitual drug user.
one of the biggest conservationist of african game in the world

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