Unique Morph D. tinctorius (Cobalts) and D. azureus froglets

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I need to move several frogs, so if you are interested PM ME or email me at craig at SharkDefense.com.

Here is what I have:

1) D. tinctorius "Surinam Cobalt"
Age: 3 months
Quantity: 3
Price: $120 group
Shipping: Yes, USPS price depends on location (around $30-40)

2) D. tinctorius "Surinam Cobalt" Odd Ball Morph
Age: 9 months
Quantity: 3 (probable 1.2)
Price: $350 for group
Shipping: Yes, USPS......
Notes: These guys literally began showing their dimorphism at the end of last week! These are absolutely spectacular frogs. I've never seen this morph yet, so get your hands on them. These were produced from purebreed surinam cobalts from Patrick Nabors. Instead of having yellow, they have lime green (almost neon green) and their legs are a light blue. These frogs are nearing being sexable and according to shape and size and toepads they are a 1.2. If you breed them, you will get pure bred cobalts (normal colors) and approx 1/4 of offspring will have this RARE trait, as this is a recessive trait you see in these frogs. PM ME for more info. Photo attached.

3) D. azureus
Age: 2-3 months
Quantity: 2
Price: $80 for group (I have one smaller froglet I will throw in for free)
Shipping: Yes, USPS....

If you are interested in all, I will accept $515 + Shipping!!! If you are concerned, I can provide you with references of whom I sold to previously. I have been breeding frogs for about 8 years, so I have a lot of experience under my belt. I can even provide you with fruitflies for free, vitamins, etc.

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