Using "aquatic" plants in Vivs ?

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Does anyone use plants meant for aquariums in vivs ?
I have some cryptocoryne growing well in very moist potting soil, not covered in water and wondered if anyone has any experience using them in a frog enclosure.
Petsmart and Petco are all selling those "aquatic" plants in little plastic tubes with only gel soil and no water.....

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These are little runners off my aquarium plants. They are aquatic plants, but I know people use them in ripariums. They are doing well out of water, so I thought they might be good in the vivarium because their roots don't rot in water and their leaves do well in a very humid environment.
I'll tell you why I ask...I saw a post somewhere in which someone suggested that this particular plant be removed from the viv because it was aquatic. I'm just wondering if there is some reason it shouldn't/couldn't be used. I have set some aside for the viv, but if I shouldn't use them for some reason I will sell them in my aquarium forum.
I think those Petco tubes are best used partially submerged like ripariums. I know they don't do well with their leaves fully submerged- I've seen lot's of complaints in my aquarium forums.
I have java fern emersed... It's doing fine... I've also used anubias nana 'petite' emersed... keep them humid enough and they'll be fine.
YES! I am a planted aquarium hobbyist and recently got into frogs. I have used TONS of various aquatic plants in my setups.

Crypts, Hygros, Mosses, HC, Riccia, Glosso, Echinodorus tenellus, Anubias, lobelia cardinalis, Lysimachia nummularia, java fern, and much more...

I have grown them in water features,and in some of the more moist parts of my viv. I have a few species doing fine in 'normal' parts of the tank as well.

Crypt. parva
[Image: D5CEc.jpg]

Anibias nana 'petite'
[Image: E4bYt.jpg]

Lysimachia nummularia
[Image: BCL8w.jpg]

Glossostigma elatinoides
[Image: UKSP7.jpg]
Oooh. I have some java fern plantlets, too.
EntoCriag!!! I have been talking to you on one of the aquarium forums!! It was your viv post that got me started on the frogs Smile
I think we talked about this, and I know you "gas" plants you collect outdoors, but do you use any plants directly from your aquarium? I'm curious if there are any nasties that wouldn't be eradicated with just a bleach solution. I'm pretty certain that would kill everything, but I never assume anything.
Thanks guys Smile

p.s. thanks for taking time to post pics.
Oh , Nice to see you on the board! Thanks for your compliments!

I do not treat my plants that I bring over from aquatic tanks, HOWEVER it couldn't hurt!

In most cases its better to be safe then sorry.

I generally use a 1/10 or 1/15 bleach solution for 10 - 30 seconds depeniding on the plant and how sensitive it is, when treating.

So far I have tried a lot of aquatics plants in my vivs and most have thrived!
In my latest viv I will be growing a large amount of emersed aquatic plants, having recently been bitten by the planted aquarium bug.

EntoCraig I also recognise your name, I think?
Feel free to share pics Smile
Viv build thread just started in the other section....
Yes, I use occasionally. Smile Welcome!

Where is your new thread located? I would like to watch the progress.
This is the thread I have been following. It's a great journal, lots of pictures. ... arium.html
tulip55555 Wrote:This is the thread I have been following. It's a great journal, lots of pictures. ... arium.html

:lol: Thats MY thread!
HA!! I thought it was Paul asking for your thread!! I guess I need to pay attention.
I would like a link to Paul's thread, too. Let me know if you find it Smile
Many of those plant sp. concidered to be "aquatic", living all year submerged... They don´t!
- It is more like they have adapted to being being flooded when the monsoon arrives, and many do actually grow flowers when their habitat returns to normal swamp like conditions...
Tempting a life fully submerged in aquariums is only the plant adapting to a "long lasting flood"! (!)
Flemming, Denmark. ... de-sumaco/
(In English, about conservancy in Ecuador)
I bought some baby tears ground cover for the front portion of my viv. The plant base is submerged in water with the top few millimeters exposed to air. The plants are 24 inches from the strip light. After a few weeks 3/4 seems to be doing ok. The other is dying back. If anyone has a better recommendation for a ground cover plant that would function as islets in 1-2 inches of water let me know.

Scott - North Dallas
I'm surprised the baby tears inst doing the trick. You could also try Riccia, or a large clump of aquatic moss. HC (baby tears) is really the only ground cover aquatic plant that grows the same above ground that I know of.
I am hoping the baby tears is able to est in the next few months. I will post an update in a few weeks incase anyone else is wanting to try out this aquatic plant.

Scott - North Dallas
Im using Baby tears and it has completely covered the substrate in my tank. I love it!

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