Vanzolinii birthday cake!

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My oldest turns 10 tomorrow. He asked for a dart frog cake, specifically Vanzolinii. We dont get to eat this til Saturday, but the marzipan should keep it nice and fresh (we're not really cake eaters anyhow LOL).
[Image: bdaycake2.jpg]
[Image: bdaycake3.jpg]
[Image: Birthdaycake1.jpg]

The frog itself is polymer clay
Awesome !

That looks exactly like one of my little guys. Anytime your boys want to come back over and see the Vanzos, just let me know.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
That would be awesome Smile Someday I'd really like to get these guys! We all fell in love with them after I did a bunch of Vanzo projects Smile
I agree the cake and Vanzo likeness is awesome.

You are definately multi talented. Smile
Thank you Smile

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