Varaderos for sale!!!

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These are my first frogs from a cross between Bill Schwinn and EandKBestBuys. The Parents a FLAWLESS and amazingly bold. These guys seem to also share their great personallity!

I have Probables but obviously no "sure" sexed pairs as I have heard no calling. They range in age from 3 to 5 months and I have 12 frogletts to sell.

(assuming Bill does not want anys picks which he already has expressed intrest and would take the first pics! Cause he rocks!)

Here are the pics so far...just ask for more if you require them.

Varadero Froglets Photos by johnboyle1451 | Photobucket

Shipping is $45.00

Their Price is $70.00 each

Groups of 4 or more are $60each

Please PM me with any questions

or feel free to call
813 420 4450


1.2.0 Azureus
0.3.0 Citronella
1.0.2 Powder Blue
1.3.0 Inferalanis
0.0.4 Bakhuis

0.0.3Costa Rica
0.0.1 Ancon Hill


0.0.4 Terribilis

1.1.1 Imitator "Varadero"
0.1.0 Imitator "Intermedius"

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