Venus Fly Trap in with PDFs?

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On my trip to Home Depot (the tinkerer's Toys-R-Us) to buy supplies for the new tank, I checked the plant area to see if there was anything I could use in the tank. Found myself a childhood memory, a Venus Fly Trap, and had to buy myself one.

Any problems with a VFT in a vivarium with PDFs? Seems like a good combo since the plant and animal both require the same temp/humidity/light.

check this out:

the only thing maybe not explicitly covered is that the calcium used for dusting fruit flies counts as adding hardness so don't let it get on moss or soil with a vft. and the vft probably won't make it in with the frogs, but you can read on...
Mack - you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks for all your help amigo!

I've decided to give the VFT in the viv a try, and it helped me decide to leave craters in my false bottom structure for leaving full potted plants in also. You just answered a question with a counter move that blocked the next question like a true ninja master. Wink

Of course I still have questions... like, your other post said to put the VFT pot in the fridge for a fake winter. Really?!?! How long?

Thanks for your help and I appreciate the non -`use the search` answers.


yeah, in the fridge. it seems brutal, but they like it. i'll plug peter d'amato's book the savage garden's fun, cheap, and reliable. he recommends (and i listen to him) minimum of thanksgiving through valentine's day for dormancy.

also as you talk about craters in the false bottom, remember that your vft doesn't like to have wet feet. keep the soil moist, but not soggy for long periods.

hasta pronto
I'm crap with geography, but it seems about right for a North Carolina winter. So light isn't a problem for that long? Interesting...

I put little spacers to keep the plants pot up about a quarter inch, but I'm
starting to lean towards adding a water feature, so I think the VFT will end up on the highest tier in the tank. Work in progress...

You keep saying that book is fun - sounds like an interesting coffee table book, so I might just have to pick a copy up.

I live in doesn't get cold here till about late september. I would put them frigde too.

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