Vertical Conversion Kits wanted

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So I've been patiently awaiting NEHERP to release their vert kits but its coming down to the nitty gritty. Does anyone have any word on when "anyone" will be releasing an eye pleasing/ clean looking kit anytime soon?

I suppose I could always build one by piecing together items I can find online (not knowing first if they'll work together). But that takes time and most likely more money than what I can purchase a few kits for....

Anyhow, to reiterate. Does anyone know where I can get a nice looking pre-fab kit or know when one of the few companies will be releasing their new creations?

....sure wish junglebox was still in business, I really like the looks of those.....
Dane still pumps a few out now and then. I think he makes them in batches when he is able...doesn't take preorders ect.

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Is that so? Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to contact him.

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