Viv with waterfall and false bottom

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Hello all! I thought I'd share my viv with you. It's an 18x18x24 ecoterra, I love these tanks cause they allow you to easily maintain the tank and have great shapes.

This is a false bottom tank with four levels of false bottom to give the tank a hillside feel. The waterfall is made of two bits of a kind of driftwood once that just happened to have a natural scoop and the other had a hole in it. The water come out of the wood, runs down the other part, to a gravel bottom that is covered in cyprus.

I have a really hard time taking good pics, always ends up so shiny and the driftwood looks so black and dirt like! Damn. Is nicer in real life. Anyway, this tank is just over a year old and houses a single yellow banded dart (not seen in this photo).

Questions? Comments? I love talking tank! got most of my stuff from Black Jungle.

[Image: 3133573318_5edc0df19e_o.png]
I absolutely love it, maybe you'll like the picture more if you back up a bit.
I am trying to create a PDF website, don't expect it to contain any info till around New Years day.

This picture was taken from ten feet away...which is as far as I can get. I just have a really high resolution digital and cropped this bit out.
Job Well Done
what light would u recommend for a 30g and also what nutrients do u use for ur plants?
nice viv!
1.1.5 D. Azureus
0.0.5 D. Intermedius
very nice setup
making a post to start a new thread, sry to interupt
beautiful setup, thx for pics and ideas
Kool looking viv. Would love to see a grown in shot if the OP is still around. Smile
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